Payment methods and shipping I offer multiple, secure ways to make a payment. All payments are done through the payment provider Mollie. Below you’ll find all possible payment methods.


  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • iDeal
  • Bankcontact
  • SOFORT Banking
  • Pay Pal

    Because Lydia Elisabeth Pottery is operated by one person, I (Lydia) can’t ensure that the order will be dropped off for shipment the next day. Every week, I pick one day on which I pack all my orders and drop the packages off at the post office. Rest assured, I try to drop everything off as soon as I can.


    do you ship internationally?


    Yes, I do ship internationally. Prices may vary according to which country or part of the world I’m shipping to. Customs may also slow down your order and delay the shipping process.


    can I return my order?

    All items are listed with measurements and pictures on their product page. Please read carefully before purchasing. It is possible to return your order, but only within 14 days after ordering. Also with a good reason. Shipping costs are for the customer. For custom orders it is not possible to return the items. 

    is it possible to pick up my order at the studio?

    Yes, that’s possible. Whether you’re in Leeuwarden or in the neighborhood, you can always make an appointment and pick up your order at my studio.


    what do I do if a product has been damaged during shipping?

    Of course, I do my best to prevent this from happening, but it’s always possible that something happens while your order is being shipped to you. I always put orange tape with the word ‘fragile’ on the package, but it’s out of my hands how the delivery partner handles it. Please send me a message if something is damaged upon arrival. We’ll see if there’s anyway we can fix the issue, with a voucher or a refund, for example.

    what if my order has been delayed or hasn’t been delivered?

    Please contact me if your order has been delayed, hasn’t been delivered or has been lost. I’ll contact the delivery partner if this is the case. Often, they will know why the order has been delayed or what went wrong. If it’s just a delay, you might have to be patient and wait a little longer, as the problem will be solved automatically. If that’s not the case, my delivery partner will look into it further. If it looks like your order has been lost, I need to receive a confirmation from PostNL that the order has been ‘officially lost’. This means I will wait 1 month before I’ll resend the products. As Lydia Elisabeth Pottery is a small operation, I can’t give the same shipping conditions as a large business. It’s out of my control when something goes wrong during shipping. At the moment, I use PostNL as my delivery partner. I researched other possible delivery services, but they are kind of similar – in the sense that they all mess up an order from time to time, which I can’t do much about myself. Still, I’m very satisfied with PostNL, even if the delivery takes a bit longer than planned.




    are the items dishwasher and oven safe?

    Yes, they are. All my ceramics are made of so-called stoneware clay. That means that it’s been baked at 1240 °C in a ceramic oven (it will be mentioned on the product page if that’s not the case). The item is resistant to liquids and will be able to withstand large shifts of temperature, due to the intense heat of the ceramic oven. Personally, I prefer to wash my ceramics by hand, so I can be sure it’s washed with care.

    do you use sustainable packaging material?

    I try to pack the order as sustainable as possible. For example, I can’t walk into a supermarket without checking if they have any unused boxes. All products will be wrapped in scrunched up paper or newspapers and packaged in a cardboard box. I do still use bubble wrap, but I’m on the look-out for something to replace that with. I put a cardboard wrap around the bubble wrap to make it even more sturdy and secure. I often recycle bubble wrap and cardboard boxes from products I received myself. 


    is it possible to visit your studio?

    It’s always possible to visit the studio, but only by appointment.


    do you also take on large orders, for businesses or restaurants?

    Yes, I do. If you’re interested in placing a large order, I would like to discuss the possibilities beforehand. Do keep in mind that a large order will take more time, as even a simple cup can take 1 month to make. At the moment, I don’t have a large stock of my products, unfortunately.


    Besides ceramics, do you make and sell any other things?

    Besides ceramics, I do work with other materials, such as steel, textiles and plants. Check the inventory of my shop for the best picture of what I’m currently selling besides my ceramics. 

    how many people work at Lydia Elisabeth Pottery?

    Lydia Elisabeth Pottery is operated by one person (me, Lydia). This means it all works a bit differently than with larger corporations. I do everything myself: designing and making the products, the accounting, the media, the website, cleaning the studio, packing your order and anything else. Sometimes it’s a race against time. Still, I really enjoy being my own boss.


    what are L.E.P.’s bank details?

    Lydia Elisabeth 

    NL 63 KNAB 0259715883