about the ceramics

I want to find that sweet spot where a pot feels precious but not so much that you’re afraid of touching and using it. 
My main method of making is wheel throwing but I also love handbuilding techniques, to make big objects and sometimes mixing the two. I tend to focus on the colour and feel of the natural clay, which is why I go easy on glaze colours. Mostly using only white matte and transparent glossy glazes to finish my pieces, or simply leaving them raw and unglazed. 
All of the clay that is 'wasted' during throwing or trimming I collect for the recycling proces. 
All my work is made using stoneware clay and fired in an electric kiln to 1240 degrees C. It is watertight, strong and dishwasher/oven safe, though it is always my advice to treat handmade items carefully and wash by hand if possible.

My inspiration and influences come from different things. From my garden during the different seasons, a figure I walk by on the street, or a texture I feel and then incorporate or use as an imprint. The love I feel for natural materials means that I don’t stick to one type of style, but always look for what feels good at that moment. Still, you can see that everything’s been made by the same hands.

about me

My name is Lydia Elisabeth Pieksma ( 29 ) and I am the founder, maker, designer, customer relations manager, cleaning lady and social media content maker at Lydia Elisabeth Pottery. It is a one woman show.
I started to work with clay after I graduated from Het Friesland College in Leeuwarden ( The Netherlands ) in 2018. My passion for clay started during my orientation (of my studies ) on different kinds of material. 
Clay is pure, it’s earth –ierde, in Frisian – It’s s got character and in a way, you work together with the clay to create a piece of work. I learned my trade from a number of ceramists, including Wietske Hellinga, Lies van Huet, Nirdosh Petra van Heesbeen, Bernadette Stokwielder, Siete Koch, Jeltje Borneman andTjabel Klok.




Klay Copenhagen // Gunløgsgade 15, kld. tv, 2300 København, Denmark // www.klay.dk // ONLINE AND IN STORE
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Nørd conceptstore // Sint Jacobstraat 15, 8911HR, Leeuwarden  // www.nord-store.nl // ONLINE AND IN STORE
Studio slow & Jan de Jong  // Schrans 25, 8932 NA, Leeuwarden // www.jandejonginterieurs //  IN STORE ONLY
Regverdig // Over de Kelders 4, 8911 JE, Leeuwarden // www.regverdig.nl // IN STORE ONLY
De Familie Fabriek  // Oude Vismarkt 11, 4101 CA, Culemborg // www.de-familie-fabriek.nl // IN STORE ONLY
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